Australian Government Policy on Spatial Data Access and Pricing


The Policy on Spatial Data Access and Pricing ('Policy') was launched by Senator Nick Minchin on 25 September 2001. The Policy sought to to maximise benefits to the community from increased access to and use of spatial data; and that the supply of digital spatial data to the community be readily available, ideally over the Internet.

Australian Government spatial data

Spatial data available under the terms of this Policy are listed on the Schedule of Australian Government Spatial Data ('Schedule'). There are a number of spatial data that are also available under generally similar conditions to those listed on the Schedule but are not fully compliant with the Policy. These are provided on a supplementary list to the Schedule known as the Auxiliary List. [More information: The Schedule and Auxiliary Lists]

Pricing and access

Spatial data available under the terms of the Policy are provided free of charge when delivered over the Internet, at no more than the marginal cost of transfer for packaged products (nominally $99), or at the full cost of transfer for customised services.

Licensingconditions of use

All spatial data provided under this Policy are subject to a licence setting out the conditions under which the data may be used, the rights and responsibilities of the data provider, and the rights and responsibilities of the data receiver.

Generally, there are no restrictions on commercial use or value-added activities where spatial data has been provided over the Internet or as a packaged product. Some restrictions and / or roylaties may apply on the use of customised products. The licence also requires the user to acknowledge that copyright over the spatial data is vested in the Commonwealth, to absolve the Commonwealth from any liability arising out of the subsequent use of the data or a product developed from the data, and to report their value-adding activity to enable the Government to assess the effectiveness of this Policy.

To faciliate transfer of Australian Government spatial datasets listed on the Schedule, OSDM developed a standard licence (such as the OSDM Licence) for use by Australian Government agencies, and an online OSDM Licence Registration Service where spatial datasets are delivered over the Internet.


All the datasets subject to this Policy must have a metadata record, and that metadata must be made available at no cost. The metadata shall be registered on the Australian Spatial Data Directory (ASDD) and all transfers of the datasets identified in the Schedule shall be accompanied by current metadata.

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